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About Us

Beyond Academic Inc, an international education platform is a comprehensive system designed to facilitate global learning and academic collaboration. It serves as a virtual hub that connects students, educators, and institutions worldwide, providing a range of tools and resources to enhance international education experiences. This platform acts as a catalyst for cultural exchange, cross-border knowledge sharing, and fostering a global community of learners.

Key Features of Our Company

Global Networking

The international education platform connects students, educators, and institutions from diverse backgrounds across continents. It offers various communication channels, including discussion forums, chat features, and video conferencing capabilities, enabling seamless interaction and collaboration.

Course Offerings

The platform provides a vast catalog of courses and educational programs from renowned institutions around the world. Students can explore diverse subjects, access specialized curriculum, and expand their academic horizons beyond their local institutions.

Cultural Experiences

The international education platform promotes cross-cultural understanding by facilitating virtual cultural exchanges, intercultural discussions, and global projects. Through these experiences, students gain exposure to different perspectives, traditions, and worldviews, fostering tolerance and global citizenship.

Expanded Skills


Access to Global Education

The platform offers students access to a wide array of educational opportunities from institutions worldwide, irrespective of geographical limitations. This opens up new avenues for learning, encourages diversity, and enriches the educational experience.

Enhanced Collaboration

By connecting students and educators from different countries and backgrounds, the platform fosters collaboration on projects, research initiatives, and joint academic endeavors. This collaborative environment strengthens interpersonal skills, promotes teamwork, and encourages innovation.

Personalized Learning

With a variety of course offerings, students can tailor their educational paths to match their interests and career goals. They can choose from a range of disciplines, specializations, and learning formats, enabling a personalized and flexible learning experience.

Global Networking and Career Opportunities

The international education platform facilitates networking with students and professionals from around the world. This expanded network enhances career prospects, internship opportunities, and cross-border collaborations, making it easier to forge global connections.

Cultural and Global Awareness

By engaging with peers from diverse cultures, students develop a deeper appreciation and understanding of global issues. This exposure nurtures cultural competence, empathy, and a broader worldview, essential qualities in an increasingly interconnected world.

Services and Support

  • Academic advising
  • Student visa advising
  • International student housing assistance
  • Transportation
  • Medical Information
  • Program orientation
  • Social and cultural activities
  • University workshops for academic and career prep
  • College admissions and application advising
International Programs

The most universities provide international programs offers short-term English Intensive programs, university credit program, student exchange program, professional certificate, and customized programs for personal, academic, and professional development.






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The Student Exchange Programs
Professional Certificate Programs
Short-term English Intensive Programs
The Academic Collaboration Programs
Custom Programs

“It is our mission to provide English language instruction of the highest quality, in which people can learn to their full potential, develop a deeper understanding of the United States, and always receive courteous and knowledgeable service."

UC San Diego English Language Institute

The Student Exchange Programs

The student exchange programs are a long-term exchange program which lasts three to ten months or up to one full year. The participants are possible to study at the Bachelor’s and Master’s levels, across nearly all the departments at our patner universities.

Professional Certificate Programs

Our universities offer Certificate Programs to help give you the skills and competitive advantage to accelerate your career in Business, Project Management, Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL), or Law. In most of these programs, you will share the classroom with American and other international professionals who have complementary career interests.

Short-term English Intensive Programs

The Short-term English Intensive Programs are developed for students of all levels, from beginning to advanced. We offer an excellent variety of classes, from general English, with structured skill-building and high-interest conversation, to rigorous academic preparation to English for specific purposes, like Business, Law, and Medicine.

The Academic Collaboration Programs

The Academic Collaboration Programs are based on a two universities's Cooperative Academic Agreement. Our partners provide 2+2 and 2+3 degree programs.

Custom Programs

Our universities have a long and rich history of offering high-quality customized programs and seminars for international groups of students, professors, and professionals. We can create the perfect combination of studies and services for a group of any size, according to your specifications.

UC Davis Global Study Program Video