Custom Programs




California State University, San Baradino

Primary and Secondary School Teacher Virtual Training


The College of Extended Learning And Global Education is pleased to offer a teacher training program to 40 teachers from China. The program will consist of professional teacher training classes/workshops via online format. At the end of the program, the College of Extended Learning will award students certificates of completion.

San Francisco State University

Faculty Development Certificate Program (Virtual Training)

International Training Programs (ITP) is a division of the College of Extended Learning at SF State. ITP has a long history of designing custom programs and curricula to meet the needs of diverse groups. ITP regularly offers programs in the fields of education, business and management, technology, engineering and sciences. ITP trainers are both seasoned SF State faculty and industry practitioners, who deliver high-quality learning assessment and outcomes. These learning outcomes include both theoretical understanding of the material, as well as practical knowledge that can be applied to the student’s real-life work environment.

Programs include not only classroom learning, but emphasize experiential learning and capitalize on San Francisco State University’s unique location, access to the city, and connections with faculty from SF State, community colleges, other universities, and local industry. The ITP division has administered more than docents of training programs for higher educators in the past five years.

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Our partneruniversities can offer high-quality customized programs and seminars for international groups of students, professors, and professionals. We can create the perfect combination of studies and services for a group of any size, according to your specifications.

In collaboration with us, we can develop and deliver custom programs in the following areas: