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Undergraduate Application

Application Timeline

9th Grade

meet your counselor and get their suggestion for future education path. Based on your interesting, involve to Various activities. Talk with your parents and prepare financial plan for college.

10th Grade

develop study skills, time management skills, critical thinking skills, research skills, comprehension skills, get more skills and social work experience.

11th Grade

  • Prepare Supporting Material
  • Visit Colleges' Campus and website to learn admission requirements
  • Narrow Down College List

12th Grade

  • Search Colleges
  • Choose the Colleges You will Apply
  • Register Standardize Test
  • Submit Application and all Supporting Materials
  • Apply Financial Aid

Application Process

  • Research the schools where you’ll be interviewing.
  • Thinking, research, and discovery, find right colleges and majors which are good for you.
  • Select which colleges you will apply
  • Plan essays. Sometimes it is very important in your application
  • Take Required Standardized Tests
  • Schedule to Submit Application
  • Complete Application
  • Apply Finacial Aid
  • Make Decision the College You will Attend

College Interview Preparing and Tips

  • Research the schools where you’ll be interviewing.
  • Think about your goals, interests and extracurricular activities so you can talk about them naturally in the interview.
  • Proctice Interview with your friends, parents, someone else
  • Prepare for common college interview questions.
  • Prepare specific questions with postive answers
  • Keep your mind that be your best self
  • Make resume,your goal, interesting whatever keep your mind
  • Don't worry about the clock
  • Be thankful when interview almost finish

Application Materials

  • Application form
  • High School Transcript
  • School profile
  • The copy of Staandardized Test Score
  • Essay (or other writing sample)
  • Parent/Legal guardian information
  • Recommendation forms
  • Academic honors and achievements
  • A list of your activities and social work

Catch the best time to apply colleges

  • The senior year of high school may be is good time to begin the application process.
  • Apply for College Summer Before Senior Year
  • Apply for College between October through January
  • Apply for College between October through January
  • Graduate Application

    Application Timeline

    Application Timeline

    • July: Contact your prospective schools which you are interesting to get program information and good connection
    • August: take GRE or GMAT test
    • September: register GRE subject test if it is necessary. Finalize your prospective school list
    • October: get transcription from undergraduate school. Send your supplmental materials which include personal statement, resume, recommendation letter etc. Consider to vist the schools
    • November: take GRE subject test.

    Application Materials

    Application Materials

    • Offical Transcripts form undergraduate school and secondory transcripts are fron non-degree programs.
    • Standardized Test Scores GRE or GMAT.
    • Recommendation letters two or three are from professors who knew you.
    • Curriculum Vitae/Resume.
    • Personal Statement
    • Portfolio. Every program doesn't need it but it is very important for artistically oriented program.

    Application Process

    Application Process

    • Create a graduate school list: consider these factors:big dream, target, and safety.
    • Make a admission requrement list which you may meet these conditions.
    • Take GRE or GMAT test.
    • Prepare personal statement.
    • Get recommendation letters.
    • Get your transcript
    • Submit application
    • Complete all schools' application.

    Choose Your PHD Program

    What makes a PhD right for you? And how do you choose between different projects, universities and supervisors? Make sure your choosing meet your research interesting

    PHD Entry Requirements

    Before you apply, you need to check the school PHD program entry requirements. Be sure your major, grade, GRE, performance etc qulification is eligibility

    Contact Potentical PHD Supervisor

    Find supervisor's contact information, write a letter to introduce yourself,explain your intent, and summarise your research interest to him/her.

    Apply the PHD

    Once your get response from supervisor, you should apply PHD, send academic transcript, and prepare the interview .

    Scholarships Opportunity

    • AAUW International Fellowships/Aga Khan
    • Foundation International
    • Scholarships/American-Scandinavian
    • Foundation Fellowships/Asian Cultural Council
    • Fellowship Program

    Apply for a PhD student visa

    The United States government offers three student visa types including F, J, and M. Before you can apply for an F, J, or M student visa, you must first apply and be accepted by a U.S. institution of higher education that is Student Exchange and Visitor Program (SEVP).